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Expert RA Rating Agency

Expert RA is a leading national rating agency in Russia and at the former USSR territory, incorporated in 1997 by Expert magazine. Expert RA occupies leading positions in rating and survey-communication activity. Our purpose is to produce a new knowledge and transfer it to the society, business and authorities in an understandable way.

Expert RA was evaluated and certified as satisfying to ISO 9001:2008 demands in the following areas: assigning and actualizing expert assessments; analysis of markets and companies, survey activity; organization of business-forums, conferences and round tables. Rating methods were approved by leading international audit-consultation companies: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte. Procedural quality and information confidentiality principles are confirmed by Accenture.

Expert RA is accredited at the RF Ministry of Finance. The Agency ratings are included in the list of official requirements to banks, insurers, pension funds, issuers. Expert RA ratings have been officially recognized by FSFM, Central Bank of Russia, Vnesheconombank of Russia, MICEX-RTS, Mortgage Crediting Agency, Deposit Insurance Agency, professional associations and self-regulating organizations: VSS, Russia Association, Strategic Initiative Agency, RSA, NAPF, NLU, NSG, NFA, and hundreds of companies and agencies in the period of bids and tenders.

Expert RA and its employees received more than 80 diplomas, awards and thank-you notes, including Financial Elite award for transparency increase at the financial market, Pension Fund of Russia diploma for objective industry coverage, Time of Innovation award for popularization of innovation activity, Golden Salamander award for high analytical quality at the insurance market and many others.

Over 5000 companies from different segments of economy cooperate with Expert RA. The Agency has clients from 10 countries.  The Agency database contains over 20000 company names.


By now the Agency assigned about 350 individual ratings. Expert RA is the largest rating agency in Russia and CIS, it tops the list of other Russian and foreign agencies by a number of ratings assigned to banks and companies in CIS countries. Expert RA is the first (36%) at the market of legal entity credit risks, the first at the bank rating market; the first (85%) at the market of credibility ratings, assigned to Russian insurance companies in Russia.


Expert RA annually prepares more than 400 analytical notes, studies and reviews. They include 70 public studies, reviews on industry insurance, banks, MCs, leasing and factoring companies, auditors, consultants and other branches of economy. One of the key areas of Expert RA analytic-communication activity is innovation development. The Agency leading project in the segment is the Open Innovation University ( – the first Russian project aimed at integrating innovation community and innovation resources.


Expert RA holds several scores of forums, conferences, round tables on an annual basis, discussing chief results of studies, developing solutions for business and authorities. In 2011 the Agency organized 22 business events with participation exceeding 6 000 persons: representatives of power, business, science, and professional associations. All events under the auspices of Expert RA are covered by leading TV channels, printed and electronic mass media. The Agency achievements include organization of large economic forums in Russia and аbroad, which gained deserved recognition in business community. In September 2005 together with Tula oblast administration Expert RA organized the IV Tula economic forum Town Development: Innovation Coupled with Potential of Traditions, which was the fifth in comparative study of the largest business and political forums, prepared by the National Institute of Reputational Studies.

As of 2008 Expert RA Kazakhstan rating agency has been in operation ( The Agency representatives work in Belarus, Ukraine, and Germany.

Detailed information on Expert RA rating agency:, tel: +7 (495) 225-34-44.

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